Wij zijn IZY Bottles

Meer milieu - Minder plastic

Made Blue is our partner

We donate 1000x the capacity in clean drinkingwater

For every IZY Bottle sold, we donate 1000x the capacity in clean drinking water to developing countries. This way not only you can enjoy your water yourself, but the users of the water projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania and India can enjoy it with you!

One Tree Planted is our partner

We are 100% CO2 neutral

Together with our partner One Tree Planted, we can ensure that the thermos flasks from IZY Bottles are 100% CO2 neutral. How do we do this? Read it here!

Sustainability is the norm!

We are sustainable because we are young. Sustainability is the standard for us, and this is non-negotiable. Everything we do we do sustainably. And everyone who switches from single-use plastic bottles to an IZY Bottle is doing their sustainable bit!