500L water donation

Everyone in the world deserves to have access to clean and fresh water. Unfortunately, that is not yet self-evident everywhere in the world.

We don't think that's possible!

That is why we donate 1000x the content of this IZY in clean drinking water to Made Blue's water projects for every IZY sold.

100% CO2 neutral

Unfortunately, the fact that the world is becoming more and more polluted cannot be denied. Both with stray waste and with CO2 emissions; something has to be done.

That is why we try to set an example by being 100% CO2 neutral.

For every bottle produced, we ensure that it is 100% compensated by planting trees in Ethiopia.

Go against plastic

Litter. It can be found everywhere nowadays. From fishing nets, to face masks to... plastic bottles.

That's why it's important to drink reusable.

For example, one IZY Bottle prevents an average of 150 plastic bottles per year. And so we have avoided 6,000,000 extra plastic bottles by 2022.