Our mission

What we do it for

Water for everyone

We at IZY Bottles believe that everyone should drink more water. Water is super healthy for you, gives you a lot of energy and is also great for your skin.

And we believe that in order to reach everyone we must also be affordable for everyone . That is exactly why we choose to offer an incredibly extensive range at the best price on the market.

In our view, that's the only way to get everyone to drink more water our way; namely in  a sustainable way, with  an experience, and with  top design.

IZY Bottles sold to customers

We have already sold more than 100,000 IZY Bottles to customers! This means that 15,000,000 plastic bottles are avoided every year because of that alone.

Kilo of CO2 avoided in 2020

All IZY Bottles customers have avoided more than 32,000,000 kilos of CO2 in the year 2020 by using an IZY Bottle.

Expected donation in clean drinking water in 2021 in liters

In 2021 we expect to donate more than 10,000,000 liters of clean drinking water to Made Blue's projects.

How do we reach our goal

We are the most sustainable

We are sustainable because we are young. Sustainability is the standard for us, and this is non-negotiable. That is why we have set up two wonderful initiatives to make an extra contribution.

We donate 1000x the capacity of each bottle sold in fresh drinking water to third world countries. This means that when you buy a 500ML bottle, we donate 500L of water!

But we are also 100% CO2 neutral. We do this by compensating for the emitted CO2 by replanting trees in Ethiopia.

We are the best priced

That's right! We are the best priced thermos brand. And that's for a reason. We understand that if you want to be available to everyone, you also have to be affordable for everyone. Hence our always low prices! And of course this is not at the expense of quality. Our quality is the highest possible. This is the only way to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, for everyone!

Kid or adult? We've got you covered!

Our mission is to make water available to everyone, and in order to get closer to this goal, we have had to make sure there is a favorite IZY Bottle for everyone. So we took care of that! Man or woman, young or old, still in school, working, or enjoying your free time; we have ensured that there is a favorite IZY Bottle in the collection for everyone. And this collection is getting bigger and bigger!