IZY Bottles x Pip Studio Collection

Looking for a unique 500 ml thermos flask? Explore the special collaboration between IZY Bottles and Pip Studio! This exclusive series combines the user-friendly and durable features of IZY insulated bottles with the beautiful designs of Pip Studio.

Experience stylish enjoyment of your favorite cold or hot drink, whether you are at home, on the road, at the office or during sports. Best of all, with the purchase of every IZY Bottles x Pip Studio thermos flask, 500 liters of clean drinking water is donated.

When do you use the 500 ml thermos flask from the IZY Bottles x Pip Studio collection?

The IZY Bottles x Pip Studio 500 ml thermos flasks are versatile and suitable for countless occasions. Whether you need a refreshing drink on a hot summer day during sports or a hot coffee or tea on a cold winter day at the office, these stylish thermos flasks are your best companion.

We donate 500 l of clean drinking water when you buy a 500 ml thermos bottle!

That's right, when you purchase an IZY Bottles x Pip Studio thermos flask, we donate 500 liters of clean drinking water to Made Blue's water projects. In 2022 we have already donated 21,000,000 liters of water and in 2023 we expect to donate no less than 50,000,000 liters of water! Enjoy your beautiful new thermos flask and contribute to a better world.

Choose your favorite 500 ml thermos from the IZY Bottles x Pip Studio collection?

The IZY Bottles x Pip Studio collection presents four enchanting thermoses that offer the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics: Okinawa, Cece Fiore, Flower Festival and Little Birds. This special collaboration is distinguished by the unique features of each design, which makes choosing your favorite a special experience.

Okinawa: This thermos flask combines an oriental-inspired pattern with vibrant colors, creating a fresh and energetic look.

Cece Fiore: With a delicate floral design and subtle color combinations, this thermos flask exudes elegance and sophistication, giving your drink that extra bit of style.

Flower Festival: This thermos celebrates the beauty of flowers and reflects an exuberant bouquet, perfect for those who love bold and cheerful designs.

Little Birds: A charming thermos flask with a playful image of little birds and flowers, evoking a feeling of lightness and joy.

The IZY Bottles x Pip Studio collection offers an exclusive choice of 500 ml thermos flasks that not only keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, but also make a stylish statement. Choose your favorite and enjoy the perfect combination of design and functionality!

How to buy a 500 ml IZY Bottles x Pip Studio thermos flask?

Have you found your favorite design? Add the thermos flask to your shopping cart and pay with one of the many payment options, such as iDeal, Klarna, PayPal or Mastercard.

Do you have any questions or doubts about an IZY Bottles x Pip Studio thermos flask of 500 ml? Feel free to contact us via the various contact options on our contact page.