IZY Mugs x Art Collection: Artistic Thermos Cups of 350 ml

Are you looking for the perfect 350 ml thermos cup that combines art, functionality and durability? Search no further. The IZY Mugs x Art Collection is the perfect choice. Our artful 350ml thermos cups are not only ideal for keeping your favorite hot or cold drinks at the right temperature, but they also add an artistic flair to your daily routine.

350 ml thermos cup from the IZY Mugs x Art collection.

The 350 ml thermos cups from IZY Mugs x Art collection are not only practical, but also a real statement piece. An early morning meeting or a long car ride ahead? Let Van Gogh, Vermeer or Mondrian keep you company! These unique coffee cups keep your drink at the perfect temperature. And with a capacity of 350 ml, you always have enough of your favorite drink at hand!

Each IZY Mugs x Art thermos cup contributes to 350 l of clean drinking water!

It is not an ordinary purchase. If you choose a thermos mug from the IZY Mugs x Art collection, we donate 350 liters of clean drinking water to Made Blue's water projects. We have already donated 25,000,000 liters of water in 2022 and are on our way to an amazing goal of 50,000,000 liters in 2023! Enjoy your new artistic coffee cup while contributing to an essential source of life.

Which 350 ml thermos cup from the IZY Mugs x Art collection suits you?

From the beautiful sunflowers of Van Gogh to the subtle details of Vermeer and the abstract blocks of Mondrian, there is always a perfect thermos for every art lover in our IZY Mugs x Art collection.

The Inspiration behind the Artworks of the IZY Mugs x Art Collection

Our x Art collection is a celebration of some of history's most iconic works of art. Van Gogh's colorful brushstrokes, Vermeer's subtle details and Mondrian's abstract geometry are accurately reproduced on our mugs, so you not only enjoy your drink, but also a piece of art. These artworks were chosen for their unique style, the impact they had on the art world, and the way they integrate seamlessly into the design of our thermos cups.

How do you purchase an IZY Mugs x Art thermos cup?

It is easy! Select your favorite design, add the coffee cup to your shopping cart and pay when you're done. You can pay with iDeal, Klarna, Paypal, Mastercard and much more!

Do you have any questions or comments about a 350 ml thermos mug from the IZY Mugs x Art collection? Please contact us via the various options on our contact page.