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What we offer you as an IZY reseller:

The best prices. And margins.

IZY Bottles is guaranteed to be the least expensive of its kind on the market. And that of course, without compromising on quality. We are (on average) about 33% cheaper than similar brands of thermos. And in addition, we give an exceptional margin.

Sustainability is the norm!

IZY Bottles are incredibly sustainable. Besides the fact that our thermos flasks are 100% CO2 neutral, we also donate 1000x the capacity of every bottle sold in clean drinking water to projects in third world countries. So for a 500ML thermos, 500L of clean water is donated! So you will be selling extremely sustainable products.

Kid or adult? We've got you covered!

Our mission is to make water available to everyone, and in order to get closer to this goal, we have had to make sure there is a favorite IZY Bottle for everyone. So we took care of that! Man or woman, young or old, still in school, working, or enjoying your free time; we have ensured that there is a favorite IZY Bottle in the collection for everyone. And this collection is getting bigger and bigger!

At your store within 1-3 days

Because we have everything in stock, we can deliver within 1-3 days

Low minimum order value

You can buy from us from €200 for a first order, and €100 for each re-order!

The best prices. And margins.

IZY Bottles are guaranteed to be the best priced thermoses on the market. And our margins don't lie!

The most environmentally friendly

We are 100% CO2 neutral, and donate 1000x the capacity of every sold bottle in clean drinking water. Unsurpassed environmentally friendly!

Our 2021 wholesale catalogue

Watch here our 2021 catalogue. Here you can find our entire range, including the associated sales prices, EAN codes and article numbers.

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