IZY KIDS - 350 ml - Green Transformers


100% C02 neutral
This bottle donates 350L clean drinking water per sale
Één IZY Bottle gaat 150 flesjes/pakjes tegen per jaar

The IZY children's thermos bottles
These incredibly cool IZY children's bottles are a must for every child. The drinking bottles have a double-walled thermos layer, so that all the drinks remain cold for 24 hours. Thanks to the straw, your child can drink from the bottle easily, without making a mess.

Design your own bottle
The bottles arrive bare, with a sticker sheet in the packaging. This way you and your child can design his/her own bottle together! So make it completely to your liking.

Press-to-open lid
This water bottle (which you can of course also use for much more than water) is equipped with a pressure cap with a lock system. In this way, we ensure that the bottle is 100% leak-free, so that your child can safely put the bottle in the bag.


  • For all IZY thermoses it is recommended to wash them by hand and not in the dishwasher. Some hot water and soapy water is enough! Make sure you rinse the bottle well.
  • Make sure the bottle is closed properly. This way the bottle remains 100% leak-free.

Everything in a row
- Design your bottle together completely according to your wishes
- cold for 24 hours 
- 100% CO2 neutral
- 100% BPA-free
- 100% leak-free
- From 3 years old
- Hand wash



- Ordered before 13:00 on working days, shipped the same day

- Free shipping above €35

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- 30 days reflection period

That is how it works

1. 100% BPA-free silicone drinking spout. The drinking spout is flexible for the best drinking comfort. 

2. Leak-free cap with click-to-open system. There is also a handy lock to ensure that the bottle will not open in the bag.

3. Straw to easily empty the bottle without having to tilt the bottle. 

4. 304 stainless steel body to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours. The inside is also odorless and tasteless and the bottle is easy to clean with warm water.

Design your bottle

The children's bottles arrive bare. But every child can design his/her own bottle by means of the supplied sticker sheet!

The best way to make your child's favorite thermos flask.

We donate drinking water

Together with our partners from Made Blue, we donate 500 liters of clean drinking water per sale.

We fight against plastic

For every IZY Bottle that is used, 150 plastic bottles are avoided per year.

We are CO2 neutral

We consider sustainability the most important. That is why we compensate our emitted CO2.