Thermos flask with logo

Are you looking for thermos flasks with logo? Then you have come to the right place at IZY Bottles. A thermos flask with logo is advertising for your company or brand for the rest of your life. The lucky recipient will walk for years with a product with your logo on it, and therefore advertise for you for years to come. And in addition, your company is associated with the most environmentally friendly thermos flask brand on the market.

Are you looking for a business gift or employee gift? Then our thermos flasks with logo are a perfect choice!

Environmentally friendly promotional gift

A thermos flask with logo is the perfect promotional gift. This, because it is so environmentally friendly! Our thermos flasks are in themselves a super environmentally friendly product. In addition, we are also 100% CO2 neutral and we donate 1000x the content of every thermos bottle sold in clean drinking water. In short, a thermos flask with IZY Bottles logo is the right choice!

Advertising for life

A thermos flask with a logo is an advertisement for life! For example, the lucky recipient of the thermos flask will walk with your logo in the coming years and inadvertently advertises. This way you create brand ambassadors, without having to put in any extra effort!

Printing or engraving

The logo on a thermos flask can be applied in various ways. For example, the logo can be printed, so that the logo can be seen in full color on the bottle and the house colors of your company are reflected on the bottle. We can also engrave the logo. We laser remove the top layer of the thermos bottle, leaving a stainless steel logo with a super chic look.

Minimum purchase

The minimum purchase of thermos flasks with logo is 30 pieces for engraving and 50 pieces for printing. You can therefore have the bottles personalized from a low quantity. We can have the thermos flask with logo ready within two weeks.

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